Welcome to KURY 910

KURY AM is the heritage radio station in the Brookings-Harbor area. It began broadcasting in 1964 and has served the community since then in a variety of formats. As the community has evolved over the years, so too has KURY AM. With the median adult age in the area nearly 64, the station has embraced this half of the community with programming and outreach efforts.

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The programming is specifically designed with the leading edge of the Boomer demographic group (and their older brothers and sisters) in mind. We air Fox Radio News hourly to provide current information. Throughout the day, we have lifestyle programming (gardening, travel, finance, etc.) to offer more data about how to enjoy life a bit more. There’s Brookings-Harbor Voices, local commentary provided by local community members. All of this is blended with a music format specifically presented for folks 50 years old and beyond: popular songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s highlighted with current songs for the mature adult’s enjoyment.

KURY AM is also the radio home of the Oregon State Beavers. We broadcast Beavers Football, Men’s Basketball and Baseball. Our sports coverage provides excitement from September through May as the Beavers do battle on the field of athletics.

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